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<!DOCTYPE html>


<title>My First HTML Document</title>



<h1>My First Document</h1>

<p>This document is designed to teach me how to format a web page.  I can keep typing and it will keep all of the info between the paragraph tags together.</p>



<td style="font-size:300%;color:red">Column 1</td>
<td>Column 2</td>
<td>Column 3</td>



<td><a href="">dog</a></td>
<td><a href="">cat</a></td>
<td><a href="">bird</a></td>



<td style="color:Tomato">strawberry</td>
<td style="color:Brown">chocolate</td>
<td style="color:yellow">vanilla</td>


<td><img src="" alt="Democrat Logo" width=20 height=20>Democrat</td>

<td><img src="" alt="Republican Logo" width=20 height=20>Republican</td>

<td><img src="" alt="Libertarian Logo" width=20 height=20>Libertarian</td>





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