Junior and Senior High School

Junior and Senior High School students are offered a fully accredited academic program that includes basic required courses, plus high-level math and science. Computer classes, athletics (volleyball, flag football, basketball, baseball, softball, drill team and cheerleading), music (praise & worship team and chorus), drama, and opportunities to participate in fall and spring programs are also an enriching part of the curriculum and are offered as demand requires.

God has blessed all with talents, and it is the goal of SCA to help students discover and develop those gifts so they may be used to glorify our Heavenly Father.

Graduation Requirements and Courses Offered


Grading Procedures 

Any time parents wish more information about their child’s progress, they are invited to schedule a conference with the teacher through the swchool office. The best learning situatin occurs when the home and school work together.

In order to make grading more consistent, teachers are expected to use the following grading scale. However, all teachers are permitted to use some subjectivity in determining these grades.

A 90% – 100% SUPERIOR


C 70% – 79% AVERAGE


F 0% – 59% FAILING


* An “I” indicates that the student has not done or made up all required work. Work is to be completed within two weeks after report cards are issued, at which time grades will be brought up to date. If any work is not completed by this time, the “I” will become an “F” for the course grade. Students who pass the first nine-week grading period and choose to take an “F” for the second nine-week period, rather than do the required work, will not be allowed to pass the class for the semester.